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Freelance, Digital Nomads and Cross-Border Remote Work

We are witnessing the wide spread of freelance, cross-border remote work and other freer working styles not only in Japan but also all over the world. Free working styles are key to increase workers’ productivity as well as economic growth of Japan and the world.

International Labor and Employment

Due to the progress of globalization, there are more scenarios in which overseas companies manage labor and employment issues in Japan and Japanese companies employing foreigners.

Domestic Labor and Employment

We provide advice on a wide array of labor and employment issues, whether contentious or otherwise, based upon a wealth of experience in labor and employment matters at one of the largest law firms in Japan.

International Dispute Resolution

Due to the progress of globalization, there are more disputes that require foreign languages even in Japanese local litigation.

Hong Kong and China Practice

Hong Kong still maintains its commercial importance as a gateway for foreign investment into or out of Mainland China and as an international financial center for cross-border payments. China has also maintained and continues to build upon its position as the second-largest economy in the world, and is considered an important region in business.


Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We handle a wide array of disputes based upon a wealth of experience in handling disputes at one of the largest law firms in Japan with an established reputation of commercial litigation and dispute resolution.


General Corporate Advisory Practice

Having an attorney well-acquainted with the company’s circumstances on a day-to-day basis provide timely and appropriate advice at an early stage after issues are discovered, or before issues arise, is an inexpensive and quick way to minimize the company’s legal risks.