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International Labor and Employment

Due to the progress of globalization, there are more scenarios in which overseas companies manage labor and employment issues in Japan and Japanese companies employing foreigners.

Takashi, the founder of the firm, has a wealth of experience in international and domestic labor and employment matters at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, one of the Big Four law firms in Japan. He also has a practical experience in a overseas labor and employment boutique law firm.

Thanks to his abovementioned practical experience as well as his trilingual capabilities in Japanese, English and Chinese, we handle various types of labor and employment matters for overseas companies having subsidiaries in Japan, Japanese companies employing foreign employees, and foreign employees working in Japan.

Examples of Services (Company Side)

  • Preparation and revision of English-language employment contracts, work rules, and other internal regulations
  • Issues regarding problem employees
  • Competition issues with former employees and officers
  • Overtime pay matters
  • Dismissals
  • Other several types of labor and employment dispute resolution
  • Negotiation with administrative agencies such as Labor Standards Inspection Offices
  • Harassment investigations and internal/external reporting hotline services
  • Coordination with overseas professionals and adjacent professions

Examples of Services (Worker Side)

  • Review of English-language contracts.
  • Dismissals or separation
  • Claims for overtime pay
  • Other several types of labor and employment dispute resolution
  • Reports and complaints to Labor Standards Inspection Offices